Most comprehensive Cyber OT Platform

Network visibility, segmentation, advanced firewall, mitigation, obfuscation layer and monitoring.

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Designed with CISOs. Built for CISOs

Enigmedia keeps CISO challenges and needs at the center of its R&D strategy.

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Secure digitization in conformity with IEC-62443

Define secure zones and conduits to manage data ownership while mitigating cyber attack risks.

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“Plug&Protect” with seamless deployment

Zero-touching provisioning. Compatible with existing legacy equipment and protocols.

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Enigmedia OT Platform

Zones and conduits definition

Easy separation of elements in the industrial network acording IEC-62443 standards

Obfuscation and mitigation

Avoid network discovery and specific vulnerabilites explotation for not updated devices

Data Intelligence Module

Monitorization tools to detect anomalous behaviour and alert network administrators.

Cybersecurity Modules

Reduce attack surface with the best market applications.

Zero touch-provisioning

Easy "plug&protect" and cost-effective solution

Advanced Firewall

Take control of your industrial network and OT/IT integration.

Supported vendors



Mercury has been designed following IEC-62443 principles to match our customer need and requirements.

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Security on transport systems and transport infrastructures is critical.

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These critical infrastructures serve seamlessly to all citizens in their daily lives.

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Oil & Gas

Enigmedia “Plug&Protect” cybersecurity products are the perfect match to protect and secure refineries and large distribution grids.

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Some Facts About Us

We provide leading edge OT and IOT cybersecurity solutions to protect our customers in their digitization transformation towards Industry 4.0

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Less than 1 ms latency with M:N encryption


Awards Won


Seamless deployment: 1 day per site


compatible with legacy equipment and industrial protocols