Native ICS cybersecurity

Best-in-class cyber OT solution fully compatible with legacy infrastructure.

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Secure extensible and scalable solution

Network assets inventory and network segmentation; define firewall rules and conduits; encrypt all data and communications; monitor network performance, and update software to mitigate vulnerabilities.

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Designed with CISOs. Built for CISOs

Reduce impacts on your network and minimize downtime at affordable price. Embrace digital transformation.

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“Plug&Protect”: zero-touch provisioning solution

Compatible with existing legacy equipment and protocols. Secure your infrastructure without modifying any IP address or device configuration.

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All features you need in one product for OT

All-in-One solution

Inventory and network segmentation; define rules and conduits; encrypt all data and communications; monitor network performance, and mitigate vulnerabilities in just one solution.

Inventory and Network Segmentation

Modify the networks without disrupting its architecture or changing the configuration of the devices within.

IACS Firewall and PKI

Take control of your industrial network and OT/IT integration. Authenticate all communications and guarantee confidentiability in currently deployed infrastructures.

Obfuscation and mitigation

Hide and protect all industrial devices by obfuscating all traffic and do not allowing any port scan on them. Reduce attack surface and be resilient to DDoS, data poisoning, tampering...

Data Intelligence and Cybersecurity Modules

IDS, IPS, and much more monitorization tools to detect anomalous behaviour and alert network administrators, and also implement passive network discovery tool or deploy probes with just one-click.

Zero touch-provisioning

Deploy security without stopping operations, avoiding to change any IP or existing device configuration, being truly transparent to current network.

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Mercury has been designed following IEC-62443 principles to match customer needs and requirements.

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Embrace cybersecurity standards while keeping high availability and safety requirements.

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Energy & Water

Protect legacy critical assets and minimize the impact without disrupting the network.

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Oil & Gas

Securely connecting mission-critical assets at scale with zero-touch for remote monitoring and real-time control

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Some Facts About Us

We provide leading edge OT and IOT cybersecurity solutions to protect our customers in their digitization transformation towards Industry 4.0

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Less than 1 ms latency with M:N encryption


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Seamless deployment: 1 day per site


Compatible with legacy equipment and industrial protocols

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